Buyer and Product Developer with nine years experience in sourcing, procuring and developing product ranges from a well established, global supplier base.

I am a creative, animal-loving individual, a globe trotter and a creator and collector of things! I also like taking photographs.

I enjoy and am inspired by diverse materials and techniques, pattern, colour, texture, making, designing, observing the natural world, travelling and storytelling.

I am interested in different methods of making and manufacturing everyday and decorative objects, the development of innovative design, a move toward sustainability, the art of curating, passion for collecting and passing on knowledge.

I was born in Dallas, Texas. I grew up in the United States, France and Switzerland, all places I call home. I moved to London for my Bachelor of Arts degree in History of Art with Material Studies at University College London and then attended Sotheby’s Institute of Art where I earned my Masters Degree in Art Business. While completing my thesis, I began working at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where I continued to work for eight years.

In 2014, I set up Water Whiskers Presents: to work primarily as a Retail consultant, specialising in Buying, Product Development and Creative Direction. Also, to present some exciting creative projects of my own. 

The name of the company developed from a rainy afternoon brainstorm with a good friend in London. The name combines some of my favourite elements of life: the natural world, animals and presenting creative projects.

Water Whiskers Presents: (insert drum roll)